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Our Services

We do Roofing, Siding, Gutters and Windows

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Protect your home with a properly installed roof.


We offer a range of siding options such as: vinyl, cement fiber, aluminum and steel.  Complete a whole new look with soffit and fascia.


Gutters can help protect your basement and foundation.  We also offer a variety of gutter guards to prevent debris falling in.


Don’t deal with leaky windows.  We can find the right window to help with energy efficiency and save you some money.

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We Serve the Below Areas

Grand Island





All surrounding areas

How It Works

​I will come out to your property and inspect your home.  If I find any indication of weather related damage I will show you with photos and advise you to call your insurance company to file a claim.  I will ask you to tell them to contact me for the appointment as well so I can meet with the adjuster and we can review the property together.  If the adjuster determines damage then we will go over the insurance paperwork in detail and I will provide you with the cost and everything included.  If there is not a claim filed I will still provide you with an estimate in detail.

Home Inspection

 I will meet with you in person at your property and thoroughly inspect your home for damage.


Assessing Damages

We determine if the damages are weather related and document with photos. When confirmed, you can file your claim!


Meet Me

You will request that the insurance company meet with me to proceed.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We are so pleased with the work Lindsay did to our home. Every year our basement floods and this was they first year we can back from Florida to a dry basement!


Lindsay was great to work with. She explained the entire process and took care of all the details. My house looks like a brand new home!


I’ve now had the pleasure of working with Lindsay twice. She did my property restoration in 2012 and 2017. Both times she did a wonderful job.


Being a single woman I felt like I was getting the run around from my insurance company and other contractors, but Lindsay came in and helped me get everything finalized. The crew was so courteous and even trimmed back a few branches from trees overhanging my roof.


Lindsay went above and beyond our expectations. She inspected my property and showed me the photos verifying the damage and need to file a claim and then she met with the adjuster and made the process so easy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will filing an insurance claim raise my rates?

No, if your home is damaged by something out of your control, such as Mother Nature, you will not be dinged for filing a claim.  However, if you file multiple claims that do not result in the adjuster finding any damage then yes, you will get what is called a CWOP (claim without payment) and usually 3 strikes you’re out.

Do I have to pay my deductible?

​The deductible is the responsibility of the policyholder.  Your deductible is one of the factors that determine your rate.  It is technically insurance fraud if your contractor “waives” your deductible and if caught the penalty will come back to the policyholder and not the contractor.  It is no different than paying a co-pay at the doctor’s office.

What if I can not afford my deductible?

Roofer Chic is happy to help homeowners with payment options so that the deductible is spread out over a few months and doesn’t have to be paid up front.

Will a black roof reflect the heat?

Actually, quite the opposite.  Black and darker colored roofs will absorb the heat and can raise the temperature in your attic space.

Should I cover my vents in the winter?

Absolutely not.  The vents are what help your attic to properly circulate the airflow.  If the warm air in the winter can not circulate then you will get condensation in your attic and it could cause great problems.

Can you just go over the existing shingles?

Per code regulations new roofing materials can not be laid over existing materials.  All of the old materials must be removed.

Do you offer a warranty?

​Yes, you are provided with a limited lifetime workmanship warranty and all materials are under warranty per the manufacturer.

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